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Few interviewers are professionally trained to know what to ask and how to ask it.

So memorizing answers to a whole bunch of standard questions won’t work. You need to be able to listen and think before answering questions in order to really connect with the interviewer. The key is always – Listen. Talk. Connect. And by all means ask questions throughout the interview to find out what the hiring organization really needs.

Watch Your Words:  Curb the Sleepers and Stoppers

The words you use during an interview can make a difference in whether you ace the interview and get the job – or not.  In this audio recording we talk about how you can make a difference in your interviews by choosing your words carefully.  The recording is approximately 4 minutes in length.


Are employers concerned that you are overqualified for specific jobs?
Click on the audio link below to find out how to tackle this issue head-on. The recording is approximately 11 minutes in length.

Changing Careers?

Or thinking about doing it?  Here’s help from someone who’s done it successfully 5 times.This special audio report gives you tips, techniques and real life examplesso you can land a job in your new field easier and quicker!  The recording is approximately 8 minutes in length.