I want a professional to evaluate my interview skills so I can get better faster. 

We offer you a valuable opportunity to discover the impression and impact you make during an interview, in a no-risk setting. 

  • You get detailed feedback from an interview expert – a former executive search consultant. 
  • You find out exactly what you say that resonates with an interviewer and how to build on it.  And, the things you should avoid mentioning during interviews.
  • You get detailed instructions on exactly what you can do to improve your skills before your next interview!

Here’s how it works:

We conduct a two-hour face-to-face interview rehearsal* that tests your skills in a formal interview setting.  The questions we ask you help us assess your current level of preparedness for upcoming interviews. And, if you like, we’ll include your personal “challenge” question – the question you don’t want the interviewer to ask. That way, you’ll know exactly how well you handle your most difficult question.

During your session, you’ll receive:

  • Feedback on your responses to key questions, including your “challenge” question.
  • Identification of your key interview strengths and how you can build upon them.
  • Advice on what you should avoid saying during your interviews.
  • Instructions on exactly what you can do immediately to polish your interview skills.

And, you’ll have the option to test your new, improved responses by ending your session with a final rehearsal.

The Interview Skills Rehearsal is available for $447 plus HST.

*Interview rehearsals are face-to-face meetings held in downtown Toronto with locations directly accessible by subway and GO train.