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Think on your feet with ease

The challenge in today’s marketplace is that there is no standard set of questions.Yes, there are some typical questions. But, that’s a short list. Here’s why — many interviewers were never taught how to conduct interviews properly and they don’t practice often enough to interview effectively.  That means memorizing answers to a lot of questions probably isn’t the most effective way of preparing for an interview. You have to think on your feet.

CARB gives you a powerful boost.

We help you think on your feet by teaching you the powerful “CARB formula”.   CARB helps you make a positive impression on interviewers by responding to questions in a story format that clearly demonstrates how you can benefit the hiring organization.  Through one-on-one practice sessions and detailed feedback you’ll learn how CARB can help you answer almost any question — including behavioral interviewing questions — easily, effortless and impressively. With practice, CARB will become your natural approach to any interview situation.

“Heather possesses a very unique technique to help her clients prepare for interviews and market their qualifications to match the employer’s needs. Unlike most candidates who are nervous in interviews, with Heather’s help, I feel very prepared and confident walking into every interview.  She makes herself available whenever I need her help in a short time-frame and always goes the extra mile. With her outstanding industry experience, she’s prepared me for every type of interview scenario you could possibly think of.”  R.H., graduate, McMaster University – Engineering & Management Program

Customized Sessions

Our service is about you and your specific needs. We can help by creating customized job interview coaching sessions designed specifically to meet your needs.  We take the time upfront to hear your concerns and to understand your particular situation so we can focus your personalized sessions on helping you achieve exactly what you want.

We can tailor your session to:

  • teach you how to prepare effective responses to interview questions using the CARB formula
  • guide you through a typical interview, providing helpful, positive feedback
  • coach you through all steps of the interview process, from pre-interview preparation and interview day considerations to post-interview follow-up.

Meetings are personalized, one-on-one sessions held by phone or in person.  All interview rehearsals are conducted in face-to-face meetings in downtown Toronto.

Interview Skills Rehearsal  – Discover how you can improve your interview skills fast!

Accelerated Interview Skills Training – Learn how you can convince every interviewer every time that you really can do the job!

Comprehensive Interview Skills Development – Practice so you can  to ace every interview, every time and land the job you really want and deserve!