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Heather McNab – the Interview Expert  

Heather McNab, the Interview Expert



As an executive search consultant, I heard people consistently win interviews by talking about the benefits they will bring to the hiring organization … and doing it in a memorable way using real life “stories” that stuck in the interviewers’ heads.



My name is Heather McNab.  I’m the Interview Expert.  Here’s why I can help you.

Formerly as a senior consultant and manager in KPMG’s Executive Search practice, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people in Canada and in seven Southeast Asian countries during my 20 years of consulting.  I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing a wide range of professionals, including many top level executives from major organizations.  During that time, I closely watched the candidates who won the top jobs.  I listened carefully to how they sold themselves to hiring organizations during interviews.  So, I’ve heard the best ways to respond to questions.

I also have personal experience from the other side of the desk.  I know how you can win interviews because I’ve done it myself over and over. I’ve used my job interview skills to: land amazing jobs; win a key promotion against a group of top-notch North American candidates; and launch myself into five different careers.  In some ways, selling myself during interviews is a natural part of how I communicate.  Right out of university, I convinced a company to create a new position specifically for me.  In later years, I successfully accomplished a mid-career move into a new consulting field.

My clients hold CA, CFA, CGA, CMA, CHRP, MBA, MSW, PMP, P.Eng, M.D. and Ph.D designations and are top mid to senior level professionals – who’ve decided that they want to stand out from the crowd of qualified job candidates – so they can land the job they really want!

Author of  What Top Professionals Need to Know About Answering Job Interview Questions     

“Heather teaches you to “fish” for yourself.  She taught me the critical techniques required to compete for the job I wanted. I could not have survived the interview without her insights on the interviewer’s perspective.   I recommend clients spend time with Heather well in advance of their job interview because the learning curve is steep.”     Martin West PMP, MBA