The reality is first impressions count.

Once an interviewer forms an opinion of who they think you are, their mind will filter all incoming information – what they see, what they hear and what they feel — to support that first impression. This happens even to the best executive search interviewer unless they’ve learned to identify the moment they formed an opinion and then consciously stop the filtering process.

Unsure about Your Next Career Move?

Executive coaching is often used instead of conventional outplacement services for senior level individuals particularly when a change in career direction is being considered. Parachute Executive Coaching’s transition management process supports the personal reflection and consideration of alternatives that is critical to re-establishing oneself on the executive track – or off it, if that’s the best course of action. Contact Karen Wright at Parachute Executive Coaching for more information.

Want to Know How to Job Network Effectively?

I found a great book that’s focused specifically on job search networking.  It’s Highly Effective Networking – Meet the Right People and Get a Great Job by Orville Pierson.  Orville takes you step-by-step through the myths and realities of job networking including how to identify and categorize your network contacts and how to use them appropriately and to your best advantage.  He includes sample call scripts and gives examples of how senior professionals, such as CFOs, should network.

Need Good Career Change Advice?

In transition : from the Harvard Business School Club of New York’s career management seminar by Mary Lindley Burton & Richard A. Wedemeyer is a very complete, practical and really useful guide.

Want a Guide to Negotiating Better Compensation?

How to Get Them to Show You the Money by Allan M. Webber showed me how to change careers with no decrease in base pay. I also negotiated a six-month salary review to bring me up to the next salary level. I even got the firm to pay for a $10,000 business course that I was interested in taking at a local university.

Managing Stress

The Sedona Method is a simple, easy to learn and powerful way to release unwanted feelings so you have a clear head, especially on interview day. Discover how the Sedona Method can help you.  Contact Dr. Karyn Klapecki MD, a Toronto-based Sedona instructor, at Inspired Pathways.