I want a professional to evaluate my interview skills so I can get better faster. 

We offer you a valuable opportunity to discover the impression and impact you make during an interview, in a no-risk setting. 

  • You get detailed feedback from an interview expert – a former executive search consultant. 
  • You find out exactly what you say that resonates with an interviewer and how to build on it.  And, the things you should avoid mentioning during interviews.
  • You get detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly what you can do to improve your skills before your next interview!

“The interview assessment was very helpful and allowed me to see myself objectively.  It gave me insights into what I should continue to do and what changes I might make to my responses during an interview. Heather is a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I was comfortable and satisfied with the information provided.” Joanne Weitzman MSW

Here’s how it works:

We conduct a 30-minute interview by phone. And, with your permission, we digitally record the session.  That way, we can give you sample quotes of exactly what you said when you responded to specific questions.  It’s like being able to hear yourself from the other side of the desk.

The questions we ask you help us assess your current level of preparedness for upcoming interviews. And, if you like, we’ll include your personal “challenge” question – the question you don’t want the interviewer to ask.   That way, you’ll know exactly how well you handle your most difficult question.

At the end of the session, we give you immediate overall feedback on your interview skills.

Within 24 hours of completing your assessment, you’ll receive a detailed personal report.  Your report includes:

  • Feedback on your responses to key questions, including your “challenge” question 
  • Identification of your key interview strengths and how you can build upon them
  • Advice on what you should avoid saying during your interviews
  • Step-by-step instructions on exactly what you can do immediately to polish your interview skills to help you get the job you really want!

The Interview Skills Assessment  is available for $247 plus HST.