Accelerated Training

I want to convince every interviewer every time that I really can do the job. 

Give the interviewer that solid proof – directly and effectively –  by telling them CARB formula interview stories.  You sell them directly on the benefits you can bring to the hiring organization to meet its needs. Suddenly, you don’t sound like just another job candidate!

We help you develop strong supporting CARB interview stories that sell – You:

  • We work with you one-on-one to create your first CARB interview story.
  • Then, we give you detailed written instructions to guide you in creating additional CARB interview stories.
  • But, we don’t leave you there.  We review and edit another four CARB interview stories to ensure that they are powerful statements of the benefits you bring to the hiring organization with your expertise.

Finally, we test your new skills by conducting a 30 minute phone interview assessment that includes immediate feedback on your progress.

This package takes approximately six hours to complete and is available for $697 plus HST.

All meetings are personalized, one-on-one sessions held by phone.