It’s Not Just About Answering Interview Questions!

Today’s job interviews requires you to do more than just answer interview questions. If you are a professional, more and more employers are requiring you to present your technical skills in a variety of ways.  These technical tests are often part of the initial screening process – before you meet the hiring manager.  Some of my clients are asked to give definitions of specific technical terms.  Others are asked to complete test projects of up to 2 hours in length.  One person, applying for a senior research position, now has to successfully complete an 1.5 hour research assignment to make it to the next round of the selection process.

And, employers are continuing to ask senior professionals to present business plans.  Typically  the employers asks candidates to present a “first 90 day business plan” to an interview panel.  Employers want to ensure you have both the technical savvy and the necessary presentation skills to get your ideas supported and implemented in the workplace. 

The key to winning the technical screening is to ensure your technical skills and  your presentations skills are up-to-date, well honed and rehearsed before you hit that round of the interview process. 


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