Three keys to make your brand resonate – with your network and potential employers

 You’ve put a lot of hard work into networking, but how do you make your efforts pay off quickly? A solid personal branding strategy can help you turn each new contact into a job opportunity, opening new doors, expanding your network and helping you land the job you really want. 

Use these 3 keys to develop a branding statement that resonates:

 1.  Align it to key challenges
Check that your branding statement directly addresses the major challenges faced by your target industry.   But, conduct your research carefully, the market should be large enough to offer enough opportunities for your brand and you should be one of a very few candidates with the specific talent and skills that the market needs.
2.  Make it clear
Your branding statement is powerful only if someone in the industry can understand it.  If an explanation is required, your statement is either too short or too confusing. Before using it in the job market, test your statement with family or friends who understand your field of expertise. If they don’t understand it, your statement won’t resonate with potential employers.
3.  Make it come to life
Use short stories of one or two sentences each to illustrate and support your brand identity.   Here’s one of the stories I’ve used to support my brand – I get and keep clients:  “I got all my clients back after returning from a 12-month expatriate assignment by keeping in touch with them, nurturing them from afar.”
Make your networking pay off – and take off – by branding yourself right now. Don’t wait until you’re facing your next job interview. Take the time to create a personal branding strategy that will make you memorable!


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