Taking The Call – Step #1 To Acing Your Next Phone Interview

Taking The Call is the first of  six key steps you can take to ace your next phone interview, move forward in the hiring process and land the job you really want. 

When a search consultant, recruiter or researcher calls unexpectedly, resist the urge to put them off.   They’re busy making a lot of calls to find qualified candidates.  Putting them off may mean they forget to call you back.  So, take the call right away.  If it turns out the job they’re calling about isn’t for you, be helpful. Offer the names and phone numbers of people who may be qualified for the position or of people who may know of someone who is qualified. Because you’ve been helpful, the caller will remember you in a positive way and feel comfortable calling you about other positions that may be more suitable.

If the call comes when you’re in the midst of something or have time constraints, let the caller know that. Ask how long the call might take. Re-schedule it if necessary.

When someone calls to follow up on your application or resumé, ask if it’s possible to schedule the call. This will give you time to prepare.

  • Controlling the exact time of the call allows you time to find a quiet space where all your materials are easily accessible.
  • Ask if it’s possible to get a copy of the job description before the call. This will help you understand the details of the position so you can prepare thoroughly.
  • Always confirm the callback number, the date and time, the name and title of the person you will be speaking with and who will initiate the call.


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    Excellent preparation guidance!

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