Common Interview Trap #5 – Waiting For Someone To Tell You That You’ve Lost Your Perspective

This is another common job interview trap we can fall into – waiting for someone to tell you that you’ve lost your perspective

The Trap: Believe that you don’t sound like every other job candidate.

The Solution: It’s hard to look from the inside out without getting a distorted view. But, you need to become aware of how you’re perceived by the hiring organization. Otherwise, you won’t be able to shift your perspective and talk to prospective employers about how you can meet their needs and challenges with your unique skills and experience. This is very difficult to do yourself unless you’ve done over and over again. To gain that perspective, you can practice with low-risk contacts such as family members, friends or former colleagues who “listen” to your pitch and provide feedback. But, never be afraid to seek professional guidance from a career specialist – you’ll achieve your goals faster – and with less pain.


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