Common Interview Trap #1: Letting the Interviewer Figure Out Who You Are

Here’s a common job interview trap that many candidates fall into during their interview. 

The Trap:  You talk about a broad range of your achievements and results – from getting teams to work better, to improving specific processes and managing clients, etc. – and forget to tie it all together by focusing on which of your achievements would resonate most with the hiring organization.

The Solution:  Market yourself. It’s all about positioning yourself strategically as a certain type of expert, and then explaining how you can solve particular problems.

  • Create a personal branding statement that shows interviewers exactly how you help organizations solve their problems.
  • Then, back up your claims with solid proof in the form of “interviewer stories”. That way, you build credibility and people remember you.

Marketing is about packaging yourself.  It’s having a business card and a resumé that sells you before you walk in the door.


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