Is That About You? Or Is That About The Hiring Organization?

This weekend I reviewed an interview response prepared by a client.  There were a couple of things I noticed that needed editing.  But, one really popped out.  She stated the value to her of the position, instead of highlighting the value she’d bring to the hiring organization.

Here’s an example:

  • “This industry provides many opportunities to create innovative solutions to continuously improve this process.   So there are lot of opportunities which would further enhance and use one of my core strengths …”

So, I asked her directly.  Are these statements about you?  Or, are these statements about the hiring organization?  Bingo!  She got it.  They were really all about her.  What she needed to do was turn those statements into statements of value to the hiring organization – what they get when they hire you.

So here’s how we altered that wording to highlight the value to the hiring organization:

  • “The industry continues to need strong innovative technology solutions to make it run effectively and profitably.   I can help your company meet that challenge by drawing upon my extensive experience in developing fresh technology solutions that work. ….”

So, the next time you prepare your responses to interview questions, review each sentence and ask yourself:  Is that about me?  Or, is that about the hiring organization?


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