A Simple Trick To Help You Look Them Straight In the Eye

Looking directly into the interviewer’s eyes is a way to show that you’re confident, especially when you’re responding to difficult questions. 

Some people find this particularly challenging.  So, here’s a simple trick.  Instead of looking straight into their eyes, look at their forehead instead.  When you look at their forehead, it’s easier for you.  To the interviewer, it appears as though you are looking at them directily.  But it’s less intense than direct eye contact.  In fact, I use this technique from time-to-time myself when I got feedback that my direct eye contact can intimidate some people. 

So, practice this simple trick with family and  friends until it becomes comfortable and automatic.  And, ask them to try it too – so you can see how it appears to the interviewer.  It’s made a huge difference for many of my clients.


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