What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Did you ever wonder why an interviewer asked you:  “Tell me about your greatest accomplishment.”?  It’s quite a revealing question to a sharp interviewer.  They use this question to figure out what you really enjoy and excel at versus what you’ve said already. 

So you said that you are a strong leader.  But, you’ve just told the interviewer that your greatest accomplishment is creating an innovative product or solution.  There’s the disconnect.  A strong leader would talk about their accomplishments in terms of getting people enthusiastic and committed to challenging changes and new ideas.  Now, you can be both an innovator and a leader. But, see how this question enables the interviewer to quickly uncover your core strength and abilities.

So, my advice is to present yourself as you are, not what you think they may want you to be.  A sharp interviewer will quickly figure out the real you with a few carefully crafted questions.


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