Watch Those “Sleeper” Words and Phrases


There are words and phrase that are so overused that  interviewers stop listening to what you are saying.  I call these words and phrases “sleepers”.  They can literally put an interviewer to sleep.  It’s one of the reasons I always suggest digitally recording the Interview Assessments I conduct.

Here are some common “sleeper” words and phrases:  state-of-the-art, optimally utilize resources, core issues, cross-promotional dynamics, synergistic-related, revenue enhancement initiatives etc.  

It’s better to talk in plain street-language.  In 1999 I made a leap in my career moving into a different consulting field.  I used this phrase – I get and keep clients.  It’s simple, concise, targeted (to the hiring organization) and – most importantly – memorable.

Remember:  “Big words don’t equal a bigger brain, intelligent people who are confident in their message and passionate about what they do don’t need obscure language to communicate.” John McFerran

So start listening to yourself and write down what you say.  Avoid the “sleepers” to communicate powerfully and effectively with the interviewer, so you can land the job you really want and deserve!


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