The Question You Don’t Want The Interviewer To Ask

I don’t know what that question is for you. Perhaps you were fired at some point in your career and don’t know what to say when the interviewer asks  – Why did you leave your last job?  Perhaps you had a conflict with a co-worker and hope the interviewer doesn’t ask – What would your co-workers at XYZ Corporation say about you?

  •  Have you written that question down?
  •  Have you prepared your response?
  •  Are you comfortable with your answer?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, you need to work on it or get help.  Be prepared for the issue to come up in every interview. Write down your response. Practice it until it becomes easy to say and you sound natural and confident.

Keep your response short.

  • Put big confident smile on your face before answering.
  • Look interviewer right in the eye when responding.
  • Just once over it lightly.  Avoid defending and showing any anxiety.
  • Stop, when you are finished. Let any silence be there for a while.  When you do talk, ask the interviewer: Do you want me to expand on anything I’ve just said?  If not, ask a relevant follow-on question. 

Here are a few ways of talking about getting fired:

  •  I guess the proper answer is that we had a mutual parting of the ways.
  •  In fact, they got me before I left.  It really worked out well.

Wouldn’t it feel good to know that you can easily handle the worst question now?  It could make a huge difference in your next interview – confident, poised, knowing you can handle any question that the interviewer throws at you.


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