That’s An Interesting Question


What do you say when interviewers ask you a question that you don’t expect?  I had someone tell me last week about a question an interviewer asked her during a panel interview. She was an internal candidate.  The head of the organization asked:  “Do you want my job?”.  She wasn’t sure how to respond. 

So what if they throw an unusual question at you during your interview?   The best thing to do is learn to respond with something automatic. That way you’ll give yourself space to collect your thoughts.  And, make your automatic response sound neutral: “Hmm, that’s an interesting question.”  Then get clarification by rephrase their question.  In the example above, she could say:  “Are you asking me if I’m interested in a senior management role?”.

Those questions happen and they can throw you off. The key to managing those unusual questions is feeling totally confident during your interview. You can build your confidence by preparing and practicing responses to the most-asked interview questions. That’s your foundation. Then, you do get those unusual questions you can handle them with more ease.  


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