Shift Your Focus – Write Your Gains

Our minds are a wonderful tool but they are constantly focused on solving problems … and making problems up along the way – just for fun.  If you are trying to figure out how to win that promotion, land the job you really want or refocus your career, your mind is probably trying hard to help you out.  But, its focus on problems can sometimes leave you wondering if you really will get what you want. 

Here’s an easy way to shift from your mind’s “problem” focus.  Grab a new notebook and at the end of each day, write down all of your gains – even the smallest ones.  Gains are:  things that went well, things that moved you forward, the new ideas you developed, the new actions you took; etc. This simple action of writing down your gains helps shift your awareness away from the problems created by the mind into the field of possibilities of what can really happen for you.  And, from that place of possibilities, it’s easier to uncover the actions you can take towards landing the job you really want.


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