Get Ahead In Your Job Search – By Giving

Job searches tend to be all about you.  They challenge us in many different ways, very deeply.  If you are unemployed, they can literally shake your world apart, especially if your search is prolonged. 

To keep yourself sane, positive, motivated during your job search, why not give to others by volunteering some of your time.  If you want to maintain your strong job focus you can do that by volunteering for committee work at your professional association.  Otherwise, look at organizations that you’re interested in and commit to giving them a 1/2 day or full day of your time each week.  It keep your spirits up and when you feel better about yourself you’ll present better in interviews! In fact, one person I know got a job through coaching a children’s soccer team.  One of the parents heard about his expertise and told him about a new job opening before it was advertised.   


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