Energize Your Job Search – Take Fridays Off

Job searches, especially if you’ve been unemployed for an extended period, sometimes feels like someone has suddenly dumped you in a blender.  Your whole world is radically shaken up and you can’t quite reach the button to turn it off.   I know. I’ve had three prolonged job searches in my career.  Sometimes I wondered if I really needed to build that much character and that much resilence. 

My career coach repeatedly told me to give myself permission to regularly take time off from my job search.  I struggled with that for a long time.  (I’m a reformed AAA personality.)  Aren’t you supposed to treat job search like being in a job?  But, she was right.  Like magic, I was instantly refreshed.  New ideas and new approaches suddenly appeared to me.  My conversations with people were fresher and more focused. I really did need that time off. 

So give yourself permission and schedule your Fridays off (ok, Friday afternoons if you are a AAA personality).  Do anything you want.  But, do it without any guilt or misgivings.  Giving yourself a break is the best thing you can do for your job search and your life.


P.S.: This post was originally written on a Thursday and I took my own advice and took that Friday off too! 

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