Do Something Different This Week

Have you been job hunting for longer than 6 months? Are you doing all the same things you did at the beginning of your search? Well, you haven’t landed yet – be honest with yourself – are those techniques really working for you?  It’s so easy to get into a rut especially when we hide behind passive job hunting techniques and lots and lots of excuses. 

I suggest that you do one new thing in the next 7 days.  Just one new thing.

  • Maybe it’s call someone on your list of contacts you told yourself you should call or follow up with. 
  • Maybe it’s write a list of 100 things you can do to land your next job.  Make them funny, creative, practical, and out-of-the box.  That may be all the help you need break out of your rut.
  • Maybe it’s trying to turn that one special thing about you into one thing about them – the hiring organization.
  • Maybe it’s giving yourself written permission (yes, write it down!) to take time off from your job search to enjoy one of the last days of summer without guilt or regret.   
  • Maybe it’s writing a list of all those things you know you “should do” but aren’t doing.  Decide to do one of those things or decide that “may be you will do them or maybe you won’t do them” and burn the list to get rid of all the guilt that’s weighing you down.
  • Maybe it’s relieving yourself of all those unwanted feelings stopping you from moving forward.  Don’t ignore them.  Allow them.  Welcome them.  Feel them fully.  If you resist, they will persist!  Then use one of the Sedona Method techniques.  Welcome the feelings fully. Then ask yourself these 3 questions – Would I let it go? Could I let it go?  When?    Remember emotions are just energy.  They really aren’t you.  You need all the energy you wrapped up in your unwanted feelings for your job search.
  • Maybe it’s just being less hard on yourself.  Write down all the positive things you’ve done each day.  Our minds forget those things.  It keeps searching for problems so it can help us out!

It’s really critical to keep your energy and spirits up during your job search.  And, it really doesn’t matter how long you’ve been off work.  What matters is that today and tomorrow are new days and we can choose to start in a new direction.  So, try just one new thing in the next 7 days.  Then, in the weeks to follow try another new thing and another.  You were once a valuable contributor to an organization.  You will be again.


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