9 Tips To Get Prospective Employers To Call You Back

I’ve adapted this tip sheet from marketer Jill Konrath of Selling to Big Companies so it’s relevant for people who are marketing themselves to potential employers. 

How do you get busy executives to call you back?  According to Jill, these 9 tips are strategies for your voicemail messages to establish your credibility, pique curosity and get return calls.

  1. Get down to business right away. Forget phony friendliness and be professional – “Eric, Tim Stone calling.  416-222-2222.”
  2. Reference any referrals upfront.  “Pat Jones suggested I call you.”
  3. Show you’ve done your homework.  “In working with other XYZ firms, I know they’re struggling with … “
  4. Mention a recent newsworthy event so they know what triggered your call (i.e.:  new management, acquisitions, new strategic initiatives).
  5. State your personal branding statement.  “I help companies …..”.
  6. Share a fresh perspective.  “I have some ideas on speeding up your sales cycle.”
  7. Eliminate any self-serving verbiage.  Much as you might like to talk about your state-of-the-art systems, unique methodologies and passion for excellence, it turns your prospects off. Talk benefits not features.
  8. Sound like a trusted peer.  Talk like you would if you called a colleague with an idea.
  9. Use a script as a foundation.  Without an outline, you’ll ramble on-and-on, which virtually guarantees you’ll be deleted.  You have 30 seconds max on a voicemail.  Every word counts, so make sure you get it right.

Want to test it out?  Send me your script by e-mail to heather@interviewexpert.ca and I’ll give you my feedback at no charge. 


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