Are You A Highly Qualified Business Professional
Looking For The Job You Know You Deserve?

Many top professionals who have made important contributions to their organizations have a hard time being promoted, landing great jobs and experiencing the satisfying careers they deserve. Others have suddenly found themselves out of the workforce.  If this sounds like you, it’s time to learn to speak a new language – the language of results, solutions and outcomes.  By teaching you how to sell yourself as the solution, the Interview Expert can help you seek a promotion within your company, find a more challenging job outside your firm or land a new job in a competitive market.

This is the training you didn’t receive with your professional designation. With it, you’ll manage every opportunity, including formal job interviews, and see how easily you can get the job you deserve. Learn to master the language of results, solutions and outcomes and land the job you really want!

How do we do it?

The Interview Expert teaches you step-by-step how to turn everything about you into everything about the hiring organization so that you become the solution, and not just another candidate. We design each training session to meet your specific needs so you get the greatest benefit and the best value. 

We provide you with ways to:

  • Discover how to improve your interview skills fast! 

Interview Skills Rehearsal

  • Learn how you can convince every interviewer every time that you really can do the job!

Accelerated Interview Skills Training

  • Practice so you can  to ace every interview, every time and land the job you really want and deserve!

Comprehensive Interview Skills Development


“The interview assessment was very helpful and allowed me to see myself objectively.  It gave me insights into what I should continue to do and what changes I might make to my responses during an interview. In addition, Heather helped me revise my resume so that it actually allows employers to have a picture of who I am, not just what I have done.  Heather is a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I was comfortable and satisfied with the information provided.” Joanne Weitzman MSW

“Heather teaches you to “fish” for yourself.  She taught me the critical techniques required to compete for the job I wanted. I could not have survived the interview without her insights on the interviewer’s perspective.   I recommend clients spend time with Heather well in advance of their job interview because the learning curve is steep.” Martin West PMP, MBA

“Heather has done a fantastic job in having me get clear on what my strengths are and how to best brand them.  Prior to working with Heather, I had little or no interest in my work experience.  Since then, I have had quite a bit of interest. If you have not kept up with the job search market, Heather is a must.” Arno Ilic, Management Consultant

“Heather possesses a very unique technique to help her clients prepare for interviews and market their qualifications to match the employers’ needs. Unlike most candidates who are nervous in interviews, with Heather’s help, I feel very prepared and confident walking into every interview.  She makes herself available whenever I need her help in a short time-frame and always goes the extra mile.  With her outstanding industry experience, she’s prepared me for every type of interview scenario you could possible think of.” R.H., Engineering Grad., McMaster University – Engineering & Management Program

“As my coach, Heather helped me identify the types of jobs I should pursue. I wasn’t really selling my key strengths before I started to work with her.  She helped me revise my resume so I shine thru and my skills and strengths really pop out. She’s helped me recognize exactly what I need to do in order to pursue the types of roles I would like to have.  With Heather as my coach, I am clearly focused on getting the job I want so I can make a meaningful contribution. She is much more than an interview coach.” Sharda Ramraj CGA, MBA